This is the web-site for participants of the Irish Media Survey conducted by GfK.

Who are GfK?

Established nearly 70 years ago as Germany's first market research company, with more than 120 subsidiaries, offices and participants in over 50 countries on five continents, the GfK Group is one of the leading market research companies. Ranked No. 1 in Germany and No. 5 in the world, the Group employs more than 5,000 people. For further information you can go to:

Who are the participants of the Irish Media Survey?

The participants of the Irish Media Survey were chosen so that the group as a whole represents the Irish population in terms of age, sex and level of education. If you are not a panel member yet, it is not possible to apply yourself for participation.

If you are a panel member please use the link that has been mailed to you or enter your username and password below.



Lost your link?

If you have lost your link please email us at and include your full name and email address. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible so you can continue to give us your feedback!

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